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    Audit/Compliance of Metabase Keys

      Within the Metabase there are corresponding objects for many individual files(/LM/W3SVC/siteName/dirA/dirB/fileC). Many of these objects are named HttpExpires and have corresponding data values (D,43200).


      Id like to be able to run a audit job that identiifes all objects of this name (within a top level (LM/W3SVC/siteName) that don't match a specific data value.


      I'm having some difficulty and wondered if anyone has set this up already?


      Anyone want to assist?

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          I've written a Component Template (below) that I'd like to use to scan the various directories within our website metadata. Many objects within the LM tree have a HttpExpires value that we want to collect and remediate. Most objects are set to 43200. We'll want to identify those and change the value to another. In some cases, the value will vary based on the file suffix (eg., *.pdf and *.gif might have different values).


          We've run into the 1000 record limit (truncated data) that affects the 7.3 build (fixed in 7.4 -- yes, our upgrade in in the works). That said, we expect to return perhaps 20,000 to 30,000 records.


          We need a workaround; I had hoped I could replace /app01/ in the path and substitute some variable and have the variable looped from a list of all the ROOT subdirs. I have some BLCLI experience, but didn't see commands for Compliance or Components that I could leverage for this.


          Any thoughts? There are >100 subdirs so I'd rather no resort to running the job, edit the component and compliance rule, run the job, repeat.




          ===Component Info Below===



          Name: LM/W3SVC/siteName/ROOT/app01; Type: Metabase Key


          Metabase Key LM/W3SVC/siteName/ROOT/app01 Must Exist


          Name: LM/W3SVC/siteName/ROOT/app01; Type: Metabase Key


          Name: LM/W3SVC/siteName/ROOT/app01; Type: Metabase Key


          Name: LM/W3SVC/siteName/ROOT/app01; Type: Metabase Key


          Metabase Value LM/W3SVC/siteName/ROOT/app01/**/HTTPExpires Must Not Exist OR ((Name = HttpExpires") AND (String Value contains (case sensitive) "D, 86400"))