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    List Linux Installed Applications

      I've begun installing applications to Linux (RedHat) hosts and would like to get a list of installed applications. Of course, few applications are installed as RPMs, so I can't just browse/audit whats listed.


      Most install with their own install shell script.


      Before attempting to reinvent the wheel, how are others doing this? Must I always run a application specific command to identify what version of components are installed and parse that for content? There must be an easier way that can be shared across multiple applications.



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          Bill Robinson

          the easiest way is to create Component Templates that contain 'Discovery' conditions that will find each app (so 1 template for each app) - in the Template you can parametrize paths and such if you need to.


          the Component can contain 'local' extended objects (that apply only to that template) that run commands to pull version or other information if you need to for that application.


          then run a discovery job w/ the Component Templates you created against your servers.