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    CIS HP-UX Compliance Job Issues

      I am getting the below mentioned error for couple of machines, while runnig compliance job for CIS HP-UX COmpliance template (CIS-HP-UX 10.20-11v3-v1.4.1). I got the template downloaded from bladelogic site and without any modifications I am running the job.


      "error occured evaluating compliance rules on component CIS - HP-UX 10.20-11v3 - v1.4.1 (avocado) : com.bladelogic.mfw.util.BlException: Unable to parse file: /bladelogic/tmp/application_server/Job-WorkItem-Thread-481226086641763.ini: Parsing failed. Exceeded max line limit of 50000"


      How to overcome this? Any inputs are highly appreciated.