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    Installing compliance templates failed ....Not Authorized



      I'm a newbie and trying to load compliance templates. From my point of view I did all steps described in "Release Notes Content Version 7.4.4.C1".


      Running for instance: ./load-cis-app-compliance-templates.nsh failed with following message:



      Enter a selection: 1

      LOADING cis-oracle CONTENT


      Appserver Directory where the extended objects will be stored.

      Note that the default directory is (nsh-style:(SRPClientConnection.java:56)

      at com.bladelogic.mfw.net.ClientConnectionFactory.createSRPConnection(ClientConnectionFactory.java:33)

      at com.bladelogic.client.net.SRPConnectionCreator.createConnection(SRPConnectionCreator.java:38)

      at com.bladelogic.client.net.ClientConnectionPool.getConnection(ClientConnectionPool.java:71)

      at com.bladelogic.cli.CLIMain.establishSRPConnection(CLIMain.java:1004)

      ... 1 more

      Parsing: arguments

      Error: Argument -b not recognized.

      print_usage usage goes here

      Error running content-loader.nsh

      Error running cis-oracle-install.nsh



      Does someone know this error?