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    Snapshot of extended object breaking table

      Hi all... any advice greatly appreciated... this problem seems to occur regardless of how I set up the snapshot job, whether or not I use component templates, no matter which grammar file I use. In real world this is a script that gets configuration data from agentless devices.


      To simplify this scenario I create an extended object (perl... generic grammar) that does nothing but echo back a single line, which I change each time I run a snapshot against it.


      print "BASELINE\n"

      ...and change it to...

      print "CHANGED\n"

      ...and then change it back...

      print "BASELINE\n"

      ...and so on...


      Here is what happens:

      1. Set output line to BASELINE

      2. Take snapshot. (Name=BASELINE, Value=Null)

      3. Change output line to CHANGED

      6. Take snapshot. (Name=CHANGED, Value=Null)

      7. Change output line to BASELINE

      8. Take snapshot. (Name=BASELINE, Value1=BASELINE, Value2=BASELINE)

      9. Change output line to CHANGED

      10. Take snapshot. (Name=CHANGED, Value1=CHANGED, Value2=CHANGED)

      11. Change output line to BASELINE

      12. Take snapshot. (Name=BASELINE, Value1=BASELINE, Value2=BASELINE, Value3=BASELINE, Value4=BASELINE)

      13. Etc...


      Notice that value columns are automatically added to the table every time the change is reverted back to original. This is bad.


      I just figured out that this only happens when I change the configuration item back and forth as illustrated above. if I continuously change it to something new, I do not get this effect.The problem is that during the normal course of business this WILL happen.


      1. Baseline snapshots performed, nightly audits being run (output line = BASELINE)

      2. Authorized admin changes device configuration and takes snapshot (output line = CHANGED)

      3. Audit shows non-compliant and engineer decides to revert configuration, then takes snapshot (output line = BASELINE)

      4. Columns get added to the result table, rendering further audits impossible.


      Any thoughts???