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    Performance of Parts in Component Templates

      A question has come up as to how the addition of parts affects performance of a compliance job. As parts are added to the component template, what would be the best practice in selecting. For instance if I need 15 keys out of HKLM would it be better to add each key part individually, or would it be better to add the whole key structure of HKLM/Software, or something in the middle.


      If selecting keys individually the question has come up as to what happens to the compliance job if one of those keys is not there? Does the job fail or error out?


      The last question is does it matter. Does a BladeLogic compliance job go out and gather all the parts for the server object and then run compliance against that or does it pick from the live object directly when running the compliance?


      To a certain extent the extra time to gather some of this data is minimal, but if we are talking thousands of servers the extra small chunks of time could add up a good bit.

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          Maria Cabral

          Answer 1: Yes, you should add all 15 keys and uncheck the “Recurse Subfolders” flag. Based on my own experience, don’t leave this flag checked and don’t ask me why…


          Answer 2: You won’t be able to save a template if a part used in one of the rule is missing. But if you managed to save it, which I am sure you won’t, compliance job will fail, with a RED X.



          Answer 3: Parts get executed regardless if they exist on the target server. However during the rule execution there is when data are collected and checked (target server) to ensure they are complaint if they match the conditions or non-compliant otherwise.

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            Bill Robinson

            I've seen errors thrown if you specify a part that does not exist on a target - so instead of choosing a local user account "Administrator" in my part I choose "Local Users" and in my rule i say something like "Administrator must exist and meet these conditions". this seems to keep me from getting errors during the 'collection' phase.