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    Folder Modification Date and Audits

      I am trying to keep some servers in sync with a Master server using an Audit job to tell me what is different. I then do a Sync with targets job to make them the same. This works great, but it also causes me problems with the modify date on folders/directories. What is happening is the audit tells me that the modify date of the folder is not the same on the Targets as it is on the Master. When a Sync is done, the modify date is stamped with the time I run the Sync job and is not really synced with the modify time of the Master. So eventually, all folders on the Targets have newer modify dates than the Master. Each time I run the Audit job it tells me more folders are not the same. Files are not treated this way. Is there any switch that can be turned off for directories/folders on modify dates only? I want to keep this audit rule turned on for files, but for directories it is not practical. Any advise would be appreciated.