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    Windows "Security Settings" functionality.

      We are working with a customer who is attempting to create a compliance template for a windows server that exists on an active directory but does not have a GPO applied to the OU that it exists in. When browsing Security Settings/Local Policies/Security Options the format and content looks like a Domain GPO not a Local policy. In a local policy the format would be “policy name” “Local setting” “Effective setting” when browsing from the configuration manager it has the format of “section”:”Policy name” “local setting” “Effective setting” It is also missing sections that are only in local policies.


      How is BladeLogic grabbing the security settings, and does it matter if the server is a part of AD or not, regardless of weather there are GPO’s applied to the server? How is this lookup accomplished?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      -David Cathey