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    Line-by-Line Deltas

      A client wants to create a snapshot of a directory structure, then release a new version in that directory and get a delta report of the files that have been changed and what those changes are on a file-by-file and line-by-line basis. I created a snapshot job, and got that info. Then I created an audit job and that worked fine. After going into the 'server view', I can see the checksum differences, the size differences, etc... But not a line-by-line difference of the files. Is there anyway to get this information? I figure that if we can package the deltas, that we can see what those deltas are...

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          If it is just a file that you are auditing, then the remediation process just copies over the new file (assuming that you checked the "Backup Files" option for the directory or files that you audited).


          Line by line (or more accurately item by item) comparisons can be made of configuration files with a predefined grammar.


          If you want to check the differences line by line, then it is best to deploy the snapshot somewhere, and use network shell's diff to compare the files.