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    %post section - bladelogic property parsing question

      bladelogic 7.5 on RHEL5. Here is the %post section at the end of kickstart file in the "Kickstart Entires" (customize selected):




      echo "post started" > /larry.log

      echo ??Z_SERVER_CONF_PATH?? >>/larry.log

      echo "post done" >>/larry.log


      server comes for the 1st time up with 2 files under "/". These are named "larry.log?" and "larry.log".


      The contents of "larry.log?" is

      post started



      The contents of "larry.log" is:

      post done


      Question: Shouldn't the ??Z_SERVER_CONF_PATH?? get parsed into /root/custom/server.conf before this get's passed to execute as a shell command on the server being provisioned? Why is the file "larry.log?" created with a question mark? I expect all 3 "echos" to be written to "larry.log" (without the question mark).


      Sorry if this is obvious, tried the docs but it seems that experience is the best/only teacher here.