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    Provisioning SLES 11 hangs up and doesn't finish

      We want to set up provisioning for SLES11. We are using Provisioning Manager Version

      I've 2 problems with it at the moment.



      I've tried several settings, but I don't get Provisioning Manager working well.

      When I make the configuration via the GUI (post-installation is not chosen), and try to use it as it is (AutoYast Entries


      created by the GUI), Provisioning hangs up when trying to execute the part between -Tag, the installation of the system completes without


      problem and the new provisioned system has a proper configured network.



      A new provisioned system never reports "finish" to the provisioning server. Provisioning stops with step 15 of 16. Setting BMI Callback-Address in the GUI doesn't work.


      Any ideas, what causes these problems?