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    Provisioning Hangs on DHCP ACK

      While the bare metal (VM) is running through the provisioning process, it hangs after the DHCP ACK response. The response is providing the correct IP and PORT that I supplied during scope setup.


      Scope 211 (BLServer) =

      Scope 212 (BLPort) = 9831


      From the docs: "Select option 212. For Port, enter 9831, which is the port BMC BladeLogic uses by default for SSL communication."


      Here's what happens. The bare metal is running through the process of booting. It pulls the Windows files over and displays that splash screen. The command prompt pops up and starts running through the process. Everything is fine until the DHCP ACK response. It takes that input and tries to open a connection. The connection fails and keeps retrying.


      I've tried to telnet to my application server on 9831 and found that I cannot. Running a NETSTAT -a -b | grep 98 reveals that there are no connections on 9831, listening or active on the app server.


      So, it appears that my app server should be listening on 9831, but it is not and that is blowing up provisioning. How do I fix this?