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    Option to Provision Greyed Out...

      Having a bizarre issue. Some of our guys are unable to provision devices, as the option is greyed out. Can't work this out because all of the permissions seem to be ok.


      The device itself was imported by the user in question and they have Device.Provision and ProvisionJob.Execute permissions etc.


      As BLAdmin I can use the option. Anyone have any ideas what other permissions might affect this?



      User role in question is L3_UNX_Global_Full

      Device has the following permissions...


      BLAdmins Device.* Authorization

      Everyone Device.Read Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_Full Device.* Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_Full Device.Delete Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_Full Device.Provision Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_Full Device.ReProvision Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_Full Device.Read Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_Full Device.SetAsProvisioned Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_Full Device.Modify Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_Full Device.ModifyProperties Authorization

      L3_UNX_Global_ReadOnly Device.Read Authorization


      Role has the following authorizations...



      Device.Create Authorization Create device

      Device.CreateACL Authorization Create ACL

      Device.Delete Authorization Delete device from provisioning manager

      Device.Modify Authorization Modify a device

      Device.ModifyACL Authorization Modify ACL

      Device.ModifyProperties Authorization Modify the properties of a device

      Device.Provision Authorization Provision devices

      Device.Read Authorization Read devices

      Device.ReProvision Authorization Re-provision devices

      Device.SetAsProvisioned Authorization Set devices as provisioned

      ProvisionConfig.Read Authorization Access provisioning manager configurations

      ProvisionJob.Create Authorization Create new provision job

      ProvisionJob.Delete Authorization Delete provision job

      ProvisionJob.Execute Authorization Execute provision job

      ProvisionJob.Read Authorization Read provision job

      SystemPackage.Create Authorization Create new system package

      SystemPackage.Delete Authorization Delete system package

      SystemPackage.Modify Authorization Modify system package

      SystemPackage.ModifyProperties Authorization Modify system package properties

      SystemPackage.Read Authorization Open system package

      SystemPackageFolder.Create Authorization Create new system package folder

      SystemPackageFolder.Delete Authorization Delete system package folder

      SystemPackageFolder.Modify Authorization Modify system package folder

      SystemPackageFolder.Read Authorization Open system package folder

      SystemPackageFolder.Write Authorization Add to a system package folder

      SystemPackageType.Read Authorization Open system package type

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          Imported by the user trying to provision manually, or imported via the auto-discovery method? If it's the latter, then I'd advise checking the actual device permissions from the BLAdmins role (right click on the device, select properties, permissions tab). Check to see if the device was only granted access to the BLAdmins role rather than the Everyone role.


          If your permissions are off, and the device was auto-discovered, then there might be a hot-fix for you. Create a ticket with support and they'll assist in getting you the hot-fix if it's appropriate.


          If this is your case, as a short term fix, you can adjust the device permissions manually via the BLAdmins role and grant access to the role needing to do the provisioning.

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            Thanks Dan, this is now sorted. Not entirely sure how. RBAC is a bit of a beast :)