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    AIX agent install sequence

    R V

      Hi all,


      I need some information about the sequence while installing AIX. We want to install the rscd agent but need to create/resize some file-systems before installing - one of them is /tmp, which is used to stage the agent-installer.


      When I create a NIM script which does the fs-resizing, this part of the installation will run AFTER the agent-install. Then the agent installation fails, because /tmp has only 4MB (which is a customer default).


      I can see this in /nim/BladeLogic/<MAC-address>/5.bosinstOp.sh.


      nim -o bos_inst
      -a script=<MAC-ADDR>-blRootPassword
      -a script=<MAC-ADDR>-agentInstall
      -a script=<MAC-ADDR>-sizefilesystem


      Is there a chance to control the sequence of the '-a script'-parameters?


      Another possibility to solve this problem could be:

      customize the mergeAgent.sh-script and include the needed commands - but: where/what is the source of mergeAgent.sh?


      Any ideas?