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    Jumpstart Failing With Rules.OK file error



      I have been setting up my BL Provisioning for Solaris hosts. My Jumpstart server works OK and will build a client without using BladeLogic.


      When I try this with BladeLogic the console speaks to the Jumpstart server and configures all of the files OK. I think do a boot net - install and it starts OK but fails before the main installation phase.


      It looks like the installation is having problems reading the rules.ok file. I have checked and the file is in the directory:


      1. pwd


      1. ls -l rules

      -rw-rr 1 root root 59 Apr 23 17:13 rules.ok


      Has anyone else had this problem?


      Below is the output of the build. The "not found" is 3 lines from the end.








      ok boot net - install 

      Boot device: /pci@1e,600000/pci@0/pci@9/pci@0/network@4 File and args: - install

      1000 Mbps FDX Link up

      Requesting Internet Address for 0:xx:xx:xx:xx:b6

      Requesting Internet Address for 0:xx:xx:xx:xx:b6

      Requesting Internet Address for 0:xx:xx:xx:xx:b6

      1000 Mbps FDX Link up

      Requesting Internet address for 0:xx:xx:xx:xx:b6

      SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_137137-09 64-bit

      Copyright 1983-2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.

      Use is subject to license terms.

      WARNING: i2c_0 failed to add interrupt.

      WARNING: i2c_0 operating in POLL MODE only

      Hardware watchdog enabledConfiguring devices.

      Using RPC Bootparams for network configuration information.

      Attempting to configure interface bge3...

      Skipped interface bge3

      Attempting to configure interface bge2...

      Skipped interface bge2

      Attempting to configure interface bge1...

      Skipped interface bge1

      Attempting to configure interface bge0...

      Configured interface bge0

      Reading ZFS config: done.

      Setting up Java. Please wait...

      Serial console, reverting to text install

      Beginning system identification...

      Searching for configuration file(s)...

      Using sysid configuration file 172..xx.xx.xx:/jumpstart/BladeLogic/00-xx-xx-xx-xx-B6/sysidcfg

      Search complete.

      Discovering additional network configuration...

      Completing system identification...

      Starting remote procedure call (RPC) services: done.

      System identification complete.

      Starting Solaris installation program...

      Searching for JumpStart directory...

      not found

      Warning: Could not find matching rule in rules.ok

      Press the return key for an interactive Solaris install program...