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    BladeLogic's role in provisioning Solaris on x86 hardware?

      I don't understand what role BladeLogic plays for automating Solaris provisioning. I have used JumpStart in conjunction with DHCP before for provisioning Solaris 10 on an x86 target. I found this article very useful while going through this exercise.




      My initial questions:

      -- Can BL provision Solaris on x86 with JumpStart/DHCP or does it only work with BOOTP?

      -- This question is only relevant if JumpStart/DHCP is supported. When the add_install_client is called, it spits out a couple of macros that need to be set for that MAC address on the DHCP server. Is that something that BL can handle if it is pointed to a DHCP server?


      1. ./add_install_client \

      -d \

      -e 00:0a:e4:2a:33:f8 \

      -s \

      -c \

      -p i86pc


      enabling tftp in /etc/inetd.conf

      Converting /etc/inetd.conf

      enabling network/tftp/udp6 service

      copying boot file to /tftpboot/pxegrub.I86PC.Solaris_10-1


      If not already configured, enable PXE boot by creating

      a macro named 01000AE42A33F8 with:

      Boot server IP (BootSrvA) :

      Boot file (BootFile) : 01000AE42A33F8