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    Provisioning Job Doesn't Start - BMI Never Gets Told To Do Anything?!?!



      i'm hoping someone can help me so I don't have to be here all night. Our Windows guys are trying to provision some servers in BladeLogic. They get as far as booting from the WinPE image, and it fires off bmi.exe which is trying to connect to our appserver (correct IP and port).


      I can see by doing a netstat on the appserver that the connection is established. And i am able to ping the appserver from the winpe image booted system and vice versa, but it just sits at BMI: Get Next State...................


      It never moves on despite a provisioning job being queued up for the machine. Eventually it gives up and reboots about 5 minutes later.


      Any ideas what could be causing this???


      Many thanks - Lee