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    Provisioning IBM Blade HS21

      My provisioning environment can successfully provision stand alone servers. However, we're running into difficulty with provisioning a IBM Blade HS21. The basic process the machine goes through before hanging is as follows:


      1. Server PXE boots

      2. Imports in to Blade Logic successfully

      3. Provision using Windows 2003 Standard 64 bit package/WinPE 2.0 x64

      4. Run the Windows Pre installation

      5. Reboots

      6. PXE boots back into Blade Logic

      7. Runs WinPE init

      8. BMI Next State

      9. Process hangs at step 14 of 16 (Phase 1 O/S install)


      I've heard mention of a fix out there to this common HS21 problem where if there is no keyboard attached (which there isn't, obviously, with a blade), the process can get stuck. The fix involves dropping a file into the I386 directory.


      I'm not sure this will be the fix, but seems to be a good place to start looking since preliminary research leads me to believe this HS21 problem is fairly common. As always, any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.