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    DHCPACK problem on boot

      I've run into a new problem with trying to get a 2k3 VM to register with the PM. I have a newly created, with a brand new MAC, VM. The PM does not yet know that it exists.


      When I boot the new VM, the process runs fine until I get to a DHCPACK error. The process runs through roughly this routine:


      • Windows loads files

      • ini.bat kicks off

      • "Starting WinPE Provisioning" message

      • nic drivers load -> reports MAC/IP

      • "finished reading cfg file" message

      • creates and sends DHCPINFORM && DHCPDISCOVER

      • reading DHCPACK response

      • <ERROR BEGINS>


      The error is several lines of repeating the same message over and over again. It reads as follows:


      reading DHCPACK response
      No value found for scope option 211!No value found for scope option 212!


      After this, the command window hangs and all meaningful activity ceases. I looked at my TFTP log file and found nothing remotely related to this. In my PXE log, I found activity related to this, but nothing I could point to as my source of problems. I've attached a log file snippet that covers the booting VM from start to hang.


      As always, any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

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          Bill Robinson

          did you create those scope options in your dhcp server? and the optionm 60 since i'm assuming the pxe and dhcp are running on the same box.

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            I had been doing my own digging on this, and it looks like I'm going to have to change my environment. My DHCP server has been, up to this point, my wireless router. I looked around on there, and there is no where to set anything with regards to scope options.


            My plan of attack from here is to remove the DHCP server from my wireless router and put a DHCP server on my PXE server. From there, hopefully, I'll see settings regarding this and be able to clear this problem up.

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              Bill Robinson

              are you running this inside vmware? you can setup a separate network in vmware and keep it all internal to that.

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                I am stuck at a similar stage provisioning windows via a WIM image.

                BL8.1 SP1



                I believe this is where it should show the bl-server and bl-port options but that does not happen. The sequence is stuck at this stage.

                bl-options set to the appserver listening on 9831

                nothing in appserver.log or pxe.log or tftpsvr.log

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                  Bill Robinson

                  there would not be anything in the pxe or tftp logs at this point because we are done w/ both of those here.


                  have you verfied the scope options in the dhcp server?

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                    The options are where I believe the problem was as well and we thought we had found the source.

                    They were pointing to the development environment (we have more than one environment)

                    The client uses QIP and the template for this MAC address was corrected but no change at all in the prov process.


                    Do you know if it attempts to communicate to the appserver on 9831 at this stage bill?  We are in a firewall rich environment and it would be good to understand what is occuring in the background at this stage.

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                      If you have more than 1 NIC enabled on the target server which is booting in WinPE, you may face this issue where it hangs at "reading DHCPack response". This was fixed in 8.1 SP2 and 8.0 SP10.

                      Fix: The read request for DHCP response is now added with the timout to unblock the read request.

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                        Rupali - thanks I think you are on to something there because these VM's have multiple NIC's.  It works in another environment with SP1 but for some reason that environment always loads the NIC's in a different order which I can see during the boot sequence.  Sadly an upgrade is difficult due to time issues.

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                          The SPprovisioning-files.zip for PXE only contain the bmiwin and bmilinux files.  If we replace these files in pxestore is that all thats required to get around the issue above?


                          In other words, once we have upgraded to SP2 P5 do I need to re-create the boot image from WAIK from scratch?

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                            Bill Robinson

                            There’s a bmi.exe in the winpe directory from that zip that gets placed in the winpe image when you generate it.  that will be updated w/ newer versions of blade and I’m assuming that’s what needs to be updated in your case, so you probably need to re-generate your winpe image w/ the new bmi.

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                              Yes that right, you will just need to rebuild the boot image using 8.1 SP2 bmi.exe file, since bmi.exe code has the fix. You may not even need to upgrade entire build to SP2 for this particular fix.  

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                                Mauro Ciuti



                                I've run into the exact same issue, and I was able to resolve it by rebuilding the WinPE image after modifying the init.bat and init2k3.bat, specifying the BL_AS and BL_AP, as this KA explains:




                                When multiple NICs are installed, the installer will probe all NICs to find the Application Server.


                                This workaround will help either when provisioning a box with multiple NIC as well as provisioning without having a DHCP Server.





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                                  Johannes Richter

                                  Hi Mauro et all,


                                  We are running into the exact same issue while PXE provisioning a physical machine with Windows Server 2012.

                                  Do you know if the explained workaround from the KA is still valid or if there is already a fix implemented in the current BSA build?


                                  I'm asking because I really don't like the fact that we have to hardcode the BSA App servers IP address into the WinPE image. We have 5 different environments which means we need to recreate the image in every environment.


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                                    Hi Johannes,


                                    Which verison of BSA (build) are you using?

                                    If you are already using BSA 8.1 SP2 or later, the fix is already available with you.

                                    Though, as mentioned above, you need to "rebuild" your WinPE boot image using the "bmi.exe" from the 8.1 SP2 or later builds to fix this problem. 


                                    Thanks and Regards,


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