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    7.4.5 Provision using WinPE 2.0 using a Linux based pxe server

    Daniel Goetzman

      Using 7.4.5, I have the pxe server running on the same server as the app server. The server OS is Linux (Red Hat 5.2) and I am able to use Provision Manager to cold provision Linux (RHAS4) to a test system. I have attempted to create a WinPE boot image to do the same for cold provisioning Windows to the same test system.


      I followed, best I could, the instructions to create the WinPE image in the User Guide. The command line method instructed me to drop the WinPE images under my tftproot in one configuration that did not work. I then used the GUI method that placed the same files in a different configuration under tftproot. That seemed to get further along, but still not working...


      I can attempt to PXE boot the test server, but it fails. A network trace seems to indicate the PXE client is tftp requesting;




      I think this request fails, due to the backslash used instead of a forward slash. Probably OK if my tftp service was running on Windows, but it my case I have it running on Linux.


      Anyone know where this is set?

      And how I might change it?


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