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    7.4.5 Provision Red AS 5.2 problems

    Daniel Goetzman

      I am able to provision RHAS4 OK, but when I do the same with RHAS5.2 I have two problems;


      1) The console on the target server prompts for the Red Hat 5 "installation key".


      If I answer "skip" to this question on the console the install proceeds.


      2) I specified a static IP address in the system package, but on the initial boot of the new OS it uses DHCP instead. This cause the automatic registration on the RSCD agent in Configuration Manager to not complete as the new system is not really at the correct static IP address.


      My question, should I be able to provision RHAS5.2 using 7.4.5?

      And, are these known issues and/or is there a work around available?



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          Bill Robinson

          you can disable the 'installation key' w/ a kickstart parameter (google it) - you maybe have to customize the kickstart entries in the system package to do this. (or enter the key if you have it)


          i've seen the dhcp thing, we write the ip address in the post-install config, in the past i've modified the system package w/ the correct kickstart entries to configure the network.


          i don't know if we specifically support rhel5.2 - it should be noted in the installation pdf.