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    Speeding up setup.sh (removing drivers from gentoo images)

      Hi all,


      For our bare metal provisioning work, we're only interested in provisioning HP ProLiant servers. All of our ProLiant machines have similar (but not identical) NICs and most have at least four of them.


      When I pxeboot a machine into the gentoo image, the setup.sh script runs and goes through each NIC trying to set it up. This takes a very long time to complete. What I'm trying to work out is, how I can prevent gentoo from setting up NICs which it doesn't need to.


      I know that I will only ever provision a ProLiant using one of it's built in NICs which are always Broadcom and use either the tg3 or bnx2 driver depending on the age of the hardware. All of the other NICs in our machines are Intel and use the e1000 driver (there could be up to six additional e1000 nics in addition to the internal broadcoms).


      What's the best way of modifying a gentoo pxe boot image I've created using the BladeLogic provisioning files script mkgen2img.sh so that it is impossible for it to load the e1000 drivers at the point it starts to run setup.sh?


      Thanks - Lee