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    HS21's and Provisioning Windows 2000

    Valerian Jone

      So I'm provisioning IBM HS21 blades with Windows 2000 on 7.4.1 (on a windows app server) with PXE and winpe 2.0.


      I had to integrate in NIC drivers into the winpe 2.0 image and that got winpe to recognize the NIC card and it communicates with the app server. (I used the 7.4.2 provisioning files instead of 7.4.1, but not sure if that particularly matters).


      Problem is, I’m at the stage where the windows installer is taking over (i.e. the winnt32 binary executable line gets executed) and launches the windows app to copy files from the network share, but its just hanging. It feels like a network issue because the k: drive (the drive that is mounted from the samba share) is amazingly slow (you do a dir in the k: drive and it takes like 2 minutes to return) and also, the windows app errors out with an error like this:


      "The specified network name is no longer available."


      after about 15 minutes of hanging.


      I initially thought it might be a raid card/hard drive driver issue, but it doesn’t feel to be the case, but I’ll investigate down that path just to be sure.


      I'm going to talk with the network guys as well to see if there's some switch/port configuration (i.e. full duplex and the like) that could be affecting all of this.


      The k: drive initially mounts successfully and quickly with the net use command so its weird that it would just kind of die out mid way.


      What's also odd is that I see errors like this (but could be completely unrelated):


      "state.res not found" (this isn't verbatim but very very similar)


      on the console of the bare metal server as its going through the provisioning process, but the process still continues (i.e. the steps go from step 4 to step 13 on the PM gui still, and the disk gets partitioned it seems).


      I checked for state.res in the X: drive in whatever directory and it was there, except it was 0 kb and when I tried to open it in notepad in winpe, it said that another process had a lock on it.


      Anybody ever see any of this when provisioning Windows 2000 or with HS21's?