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    winnt32.exe fails in provisioning of windows 2003

      We are trying to provision a 32-bit Windows 2003 system to a DELL 1855 blade server. After getting a working winpe image, we are now getting to a point in the install where it should be doing the first part of the unattended install where it copies the files from the datastore on the provisioning server. We get the following message pop-up from the winnt32 command:


      "The installation source path specified to Setup is invalid. Contact your system administrator."


      The command looks like this:


      winnt32 /syspart:C /s:K:\pxestore\win2003\i386 /unattend1:c:\BLProv\unattend.txt 1>X:\Windows\System32\BladeLogic\bin\state.res



      (Note: we realize that the /syspart param also requires the use of the /temdrive param and we get the same result.)


      The command is being run from the K:\pxestore\Win2003\i386 directory on the baremetal server (this is the share from the provisioning server of the datastore). So, the directory DOES exist and it is accessible.