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    Provisioning a server with Orchestration Manager

      The intention of this thread is to document how to provision a server with Orchestration Manager.


      I'll start out with the basics, then post additional info that delves further into the subject.


      For the basics, there are five steps:


      1: Custom Start

      2: Get Change (I'm using the HP Service Desk integration pack.)

      Under "get change" I have "Status Equals Approved," "Summary Contains Build server," and "Details Contains Opalis."

      3: I have "Send Email" configured to notify me.

      4: I have "run program" configured to write a log message

      5: The most important part is the last step, where "run program" kicks off a BLCLI command to provision a server. Here's my BLCLI command:


      blcli.exe -v SRP Provision provisionDevice 231 00-1A-4B-EE-0B-54 0 file:///c:/propfile3.txt[/I]


      Of course you have to create the property file refernced at the end of the BLCLI command.