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    Logging inside Pre-install Scripts 7.4.1

      Anyone know how to redirect information into the provisioning log in 7.4? In previous versions, using >> %LOG% worked, but not for this version.

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          Bill Robinson

          the LOG variable was set in an autoexec.bat file. i believe the winpe image will map the k: or z: drive, which will be the
          \pxestore share - so if you have write access to that redirect the output there.

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            We use a service account that only has read access to the datastore for security reasons. So redirecting output there is of no use, plus I want the info in the BL prov log, not in a file.


            Output from any custom commands does show up in the log, but ECHO's do not and I want to be able to see in the BL prov log what's going on during our custom commands for troubleshooting purposes.


            I have a ticket open for this as well...

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              Bill Robinson

              ah..so i thought the LOG var in the dos image went to the ram disk.


              just to clarify - when you say 'BL prov log' you mean what's on the target server in c:\blprov ? or another log file ?


              and by 'custom command' do you mean commands you've added into the provisioning process? (because 'custom command' in bladelogicese usually refers to the 'custom commands' you run against servers in the CM GUI)


              so i just want to make sure we're talking about the same stuff.

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                %LOG% did go to the ramdrive in previous versions, but was sent to the application server as well and stored in the log for the device being provisioned (under provision history).


                This is similar in 7.4.x, but we can no longer redirect output from any custom commands entered into sections such as post-diskpart, etc.