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    Provisioning DL385 and DL585 servers with BL 7.4.1

      I had some issues provisioning DL385s and DL585s using BL 7.4.1.

      Here are a few things I ran into, and what I did to work around them.


      - The image creation wizard in the GUI kept throwing errors. I found that setting it up on the C: drive in a folder without spaces worked. For example, use c:\images instead of D:\Program Files\BladeLogic\temp\images.

      - I found that the CreateWinPE2_0.bat script was easier to use than the wizard. YMMV.

      - There's a binary from Vista named bcdedit which is very handy for verifying the content of your BCD files. You can't download it - you have to find someone running Vista to get it. See this URL for examples:


      - To get the onboard NIC on the DLx85 to work, you have to find a driver that works with Vista. (This assumes your using WinPE 2.0) However, HP does not offer a Vista driver. So use the Broadcom driver, which you can download here:


      Note that you must use the monolithic driver for WinPE.

      - For good measure, I also injected the driver for the Compaq array in WinPE.