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    Name resolution of the provisioning data store

      During the bare metal provisioning process, how does the host do name resolution of the data store?


      Brad posted an article in the KB which indicates that Windows systems can use a LMHOSTS file if the provisioned host is located in a different network than the provisioning server.


      If I'm provisioning Linux, does the same hold true?


      :: for example ::


      I have a dual homed provisioning server.

      The primary interface is for management, and it's the interface I am connecting to with my PM client. It's IP is

      The secondary interface exists in a private "build vlan", and it's configured with an IP of

      My Data Store is on the 2nd interface.

      An agent info replies with the name of the primary interface.


      I see the DATA_STORE_IP property is based on the LOCATION property of the data store instance. That IP winds up in the kickstart file, which the managed hosts grabs from the pxestore via http.


      So how is it set? NSLOOKUP? LMHOSTS? Something else?