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    Unattended Install on IBM BladeChassis Keyboard Error (Fix)

      We are provisioning Windows and Linux (32 and 64 bit) on IBM Blade Chassis. In Windows, we had an issue during the "Dos portion" install. If we left the Advanced Management Module's KVM connected during WinPE's startup and then switched away, the install would abort with a keyboard error in the unattend SIF file.


      We found the work-around:


      "USB Keyboard" = "RETAIL"


      This section has to appear prior to the section.


      KeyBoardLayout = "US-International"


      The deal is, if a keyboard (KVM included) is detected during the WinPE portion of the install, keyboard drivers will attempt to be installed during the install of the system. Since the KVM is non-standard, the drivers don't exist for it and the install fails. By introducing the above lines into the unattend.txt file, you force the system to use set drivers for a keyboard, which bypasses the auto-detect.


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