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    Specify a  particular app server for post-os job

      I have a customer who wants to use our provisioning but he will not allow an appserver on the provisioning network to talk to agents on the core network. He also won't allow the appserver which is on the core network to talk to the agents on the provisioning network.


      When building a box, we can specify the appserver IP address which allows for the OS provisioning to happen using only the appserver on the provisioning network (this is good). The thing is that now we want to use a post provisioning batch job.


      My questions are: When a post provisioning batch job is scheduled by the provisioning process is it set to only be picked up by the appserver who did the provisioning or could any appserver with open job threads pick it up?


      When kicking off a job (BLCLI or otherwise) is there any way of specifying which appserver will pick it up? I know you can set an appserver to have 0 job threads and just support connections from the GUI, but in this case (as stated above), both appservers have to be able to serve jobs to their own subnets.


      Does anyone have any suggestions which could be done in 7.3? If not, does anyone know of a future release which will allow this?