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    7.2 Linux LVM install?

      I need to do a RHEL 4.4 ES install to logical volumes... I don't see the abilty to select an LVM type in the provisioning manager. I presume I need to use a partitioning script to do this?


      Also, is there a reference or list somewhere of the commands available in the blade.img image? I need to either locate or otherwise include the commands to configure Dell PERC SAS RAID controller for our standard config (RAID mirroring + hot spare) before installation.




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          for the LVM, you'll have to define it in the additional kickstart entries section. the gui based partition manager does not have any functionality in it to define LVM's, but starting with 7.1.1, you're also no longer required to have a / partition defined which allows for this.


          the blade.img base commands are the same for a windows 98 emergency boot disk. the commands to configure a perc controller on a dell server are not part of the blade.img and would require the dell provided tool set to do this.

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            Erik Johannessen

            The correct way to do the perc setup, would be to use the 'pre-disk partitoning' commands or 'hardware setup' section of the system package. You need to copy the dell utilities/toolkit out to a windows share, then do something like this:


            net use k:



            net use k: /d


            In that section.