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    PXE Database

      The pxe normally connects to the core database (if i'm correct) and uses information that is in there to help the target provisioned servers along the route of how to get provisioned. if a client wants a stand-alone box, that has its own database and config manager (mainly to finish the provisioning and pushing of packages, then releasing the box for an appropriate environment), is this possible? My guess is to setup a database on that machine, connect to it via the PM, then just start doing the provisioning. is this the right order?

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          Bill Robinson

          I don't see why not, though you'll have to add the newly provisioned box to the appropriate bladelogic environement once the box is provisioned and released.


          what about dual-homing an appserver and database on a separate network that is used only for provisioning?

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            yea, i think thats an option. ipass likes the idea of having this server being portable, so that they can move it between environments while still having the ability to provision boxes as needed. i guess ultimately, it doesnt matter what network its attached to, since its moving around.

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              Bill Robinson

              Are they talking physically moving the server?


              In other environments I've been in that needed provisioning (our product or not) the best practice was to setup a separate network that was used only for provisioning servers. we had the app,pxe and db available on this "other" network. all the racks in the datacenter had a switchport that was on this other network. so when we needed a server provisioned, we'd just plug the nic on the server into the provisioning network and let the provisioning happen.


              depending on the network, it could be as easy as switching the server's switch port over to the provisioning network, then when provisioning is done, move it back.


              if we wanted to get sophisiticated we could probably write a script that would figure out all the correct IP info the box would need after the switch off of the provisioning network, put that in, then shutdown the box as part of a post install job.