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    Provisioning Windows 2003 SP1 slipstreamed

    Erik Johannessen

      Has anyone got the unattend.txt entries available that is needed to successfully provision Windows 2003 SP1 slipstreamed?


      I did manual disk partitioning (setting the C: drive to 4000mb)

      Then added in additional unattend entries

      ExtendOemPartition=8000 (to grow it by 8gb to 12gb)

      ConvertFilesystem (or whatever that was called to do that)


      What we ran into here was that it popped up an SP1 acknowledgement during the windows install. And I need to figure out how to get past that one. Any ideas?

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          It's a windows registry setting you have to add, but I can't remember what it is for the life of me. Google it. :)

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            You don't need to add a registry setting. You can do this entirely from within unattend.txt. We had to do this at ADP. We've successfully provisioned lots of Windows 2003 Enterprise with SP1 slipstreamed.


            We used the following unattend.txt entries:


            (And I believe OemSkipEula is the one you're looking for)








            ;Needed for XP - see http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=294801





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              The problem you're encountering is not related to the fact that you defined the extendOEMPartition option, but that you didn't define everything else...


              Keep in mind that when you create an additional unattend entry in that section of the system package, you're literally overriding everything within that section header. As a result, you should include all the other default options that we typically create for the unattend.txt file. See Zappala's post below as it contains the other default entries...

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                Erik Johannessen



                So do I have to file an enhancment request to make provisioning manager make larger C: partitions than 4GB or is one already filed ?:)


                Thanks for all the help, it all makes sense now to me.

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                  You can make disk partitions larger than 4GB. However, the amount of time it takes to format could potentially be an issue, hence the approach to creating the smallest partition that can hold the OS and any service pack that's been slipstreamed and then using ExtendOemPartition in the unattend.txt.


                  We were initially using 8GB partitions here. We used the following script:


                  fdisk /PRIO:8192

                  fdisk /activate:1

                  fdisk /mbr >> %log%

                  fdisk /info >> %log%


                  Note that in the disk format stage, the format command has changed (at least in 6.3.3). It seems that you if you can't quick format (and this seems to be the case every time I attempted it to try to speed things up) it will default to full format. So a full format is specified. This is why it's so time consuming to deal with large partitions in the early stages of provisioning.


                  If you're provisioning systems with more than one disk, use a disk partition script in the post-install config so that it gets done during the runonce.bat after the system has been provisioned. You can also partition that disk as NTFS without having to do a conversion, once you have access to the windows commands vs. the DOS ones.



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                    the primary fix for provisioning in the 6.3.2 release (and the reason the blade.img changed so drastically) is to allow for larger partitions. see page 29 of the 6.3.2 release notes for the official documentation on the 'how to'.

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                      Erik Johannessen

                      While this works, it still seems like a workaround, since you can't use the builtin partitioning gui that comes with partitioning manager.


                      What I would like to see is that if I specify a C: drive larger than 2GB in the GUI, it makes it that size initially with fdisk (up to 4GB I guess), instead of defaulting to 2GB. Then one wouldn't have to worry about unattend entries, or manually configuring it making D: drives, etc.

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                        Hi Eric,

                        Here is a default unattend entries in the provisioning manager console for a Windows Server 2003 package. Can you please suggest a default 2003 install for the Unattend Section of the Software Package?