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    IBM X366 ?

    Erik Johannessen

      Has anyone managed to provision an IBM X366 server ? (Or any other Intel Xeon 64 bit server?) I am trying to put windows on one, but the 16 bit dos image is having issues creating a ramdisk...


      Anyone tried any workarounds?

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          what OS are you trying to provision on this hardware? and with what version of the product? what is the error you're getting, and what do you see on the console when this error happens? how much memory is in this system as well?


          the ibm x366 isn't tested, certified, or even attempted to the best of my knowledge so i can't make any hardware specific recommendations. but answering the questions above will give me enough information to lead you in the right direction...

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            Erik Johannessen

            This is what happens:


            Turn system on, wait for PXE boot. System PXE boots, tftp the image.

            Autoexec.bat starts, it tries to run the ramdisk creation command, it gets an error:

            'memory error' and then the rest of autoexec.bat just turns into mud, until it stops at a a:\ prompt.


            I want to provision windows 2003 to it eventually, but given that I can't even get it to boot to the point of talking to the provisioning server, I am not too worried about that:)


            It has 4GB of memory, 4 3.2Ghz Xeon 64bit processors.


            We are using 6.3.2 to attempt this.

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              open the 6.3.2 blade.img, edit the autoexec.bat file. take out the '/t' switch on line 6 so it reads 'LH xmsdsk 8192 %ramdrv% /y' instead.


              have you also updated your data store from the external files tarball?

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                Erik Johannessen

                I will give that a shot.


                And no, I have not updated my datastore, what exactly should I download and update? I just did a 6.3.2 install (from scratch)



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                  open the 6.3.2 external files and there will be a folder calld 'provisioning' which contains the default 4 files that need to be in the pxestore directory. the ones included with the installer don't work with the new version of DOS we're using.

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                    Erik Johannessen

                    Made the change updated the files.


                    Now we boot and show up in Provisioning Manager, except other than mac address, we don't get any system information from the server (no manufacturer, no memory info, no cpu info)


                    I am going to try windows install next...

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                      Ticket on this is 9017, and give me a call when you get a second.