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    What insitgates the PIBJ?



      I'm trying to get my head around the 'Post install Batch Job process' on Wintel.


      The last stage of provisioning process executes the following line from within the runonce.bat file:


      bmiwin.exe {Apps server IP} 9831 {MAC address}


      Which as I understand interfaces with RBAC and tells it the final step has completed amongst other stuff.


      So, what kicks the PIBJ into action after this point?




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          All the bmiwin call does is contact the App Server. The app server then makes the determination that the server was in its final state of provisioning and sets it to provisioned. It then will add the server to the role resources of the role which did the provisioning. The app server then looks to see which system package had been applied to the server. If there had been a PIBJ associated with the system package, the app server will schedule that job to 'run now' against that server.