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    w2k3 - using extra PnP drivers?

      Hi All,


      I have a HP blade which builds fine with Provisioning manager default parameters. However I require to change the 'network' interface drivers to a HP specific version to support some extra features.


      I've tried tweaking the driver setup part section of the computer settings pointing my install to a network drivers directory but for some reason my server build pauses midway on the graphical section displaying the message : "An EMS connection has been detected on your system. You are being prompted for input over the unattended ........." I have to manually interviene at this point, clicking ok to continue. Once server is built the network driver remain unchanged :(


      Can someone advise where my area of downfall is here?




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          Hi Frank,


          I can't remember exactly what it is, but there is a setting in BIOS that you need to turn off.


          I think it may be something to do with EMS.



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            Thanks Robin but the EMS message isn't related to memory if thats what you're saying, its to do with 'Unattended Emergency Management Services'. Something to do with the way I've configured the drivers is confusing the build.

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              Hi Frank,


              I mean 'Unattended Emergency Management Services'.


              I've seen this message before at Capgemini and you have to disable 'Unattended Emergency Management Services' in the BIOS.



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                TBH: I couldn't remember what EMS stood for!

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                  ok no worries - never encounted the message before this time.


                  so in answer to my original question discounting the error message, is it possible to pump extra drivers into a windows 2003 install to make it use alternative drivers?




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                    Yes it is, but I can't remember the details of how to do it.


                    Hopefully one of my colleagues can come up with that... :)

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                      Hi Frank,


                      I'm sure I put it onto the WIP.


                      Just add some entries to unattend.txt so that Windows 2003 doesn't worry too much.



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                        Good job figuring out the EMS issue. Any section of the unattend.txt file that is normally generated such as the section is completely overwritten when you add that same section to the Additional Unattend entries section of a system package. This is important to note because you may forget to add things to your section which would normally be generated. A good way to avoid this, is to save a default Windows system package as XML (before adding the section anything to the Additional Unattend section). You will then be able to see what is added to the different sections so you can add those entries manually to your custom section.


                        That being said, the OemPnPDriversPath entry resides in the section. You will have to add this manually, as the entries you may have added to the Computer Settings section of the system package (which are nomally used to generate the section), will be overwritten as described above. The entry in the section should look something like this:




                        This path (drivers\network) just refers to any path which will be on the C: drive of the newly provisioned server. You can add multiple paths here for additional drivers by using a semicolon delimiter like this:




                        If you add the section as it is above, you are responsible for getting the actual drivers into a folder C:\drivers\network (the .inf file should be in the folder you specify) on the targer server. You can do a manual xcopy of the drivers over to the system by mapping a drive to your data store share and xcoping the driver files over. NOTE: This would have to be done in the format section of the system package, after the format command has executed since you don't even have a c: drive until this happens.

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                          I realised after I looked through the document that the basic text made it look too easy!


                          Make sure you look through the attachment.