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    Pxestore share connection

      We're trying to provision a w2k server


      I'm getting an error message after disk format (stopping at step 12 of 14) saying that it can't launch the OS


      During the discover process I tried stopping the install to perform a manual "net use" command to connect/verify the pxestore share. It says "the computer name can't be found in the network specified" even if I use the IP address instead of the name of the server.


      Looking at the dhcp logs show that the server is getting an IP address and we can also ping it.


      any ideas what is wrong ?




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          I've got a support ticket open on this with Greg Kullberg. Please check with him as I've sent him some detailed instructions and recommmendations.



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            Thanks for your answer and procedure.

            I followed all the steps as recommend and it seems we have a lanmanager name resolution problem, and need to provide a well filled lmhosts file to resolve it.


            As mentionned in the document : "Please contact BladeLogic support for instruction on how to edit the LMHOSTS file on the blade.img."


            can you help ?


            thanks again





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              You'll need four things. You'll a copy of the blade.img file in the "tftproot" directory, to download a shareware application called "File Image Creator", a copy of a Microsoft toolkit app called "cabarc.exe"* and you'll need pkzip or winzip. Install the File Image Creator and create a virtual floppy drive. Check the installation instructions/readme file for detailed information.


              Once this file is mounted, go to that drive (a:) and look for NET.CAB. Make a copy of this on your hard drive. Use pkzip or winzip to extract all the files in NET.CAB to a directory such as: "c:\tmp\netcab". Edit LMHOSTS to add the 'IP Address[tab]server name' entry. Use cabarc.exe to re-archive all the files in this directory:


              cabarc -n NET.CAB c:\tmp\netcab\*


              This will not archive the directory structure, and that is a good thing.


              Copy this NET.CAB to the virtual floppy drive (a:) and dismount the drive. This will save the new file into blade.img.


              I have a copy of cabarc.exe, but not with me. I can upload cabarc.exe to the the Knowledge Base tonight along with these instructions.