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    rc.local on RedHat not running after bare metal provision

      I have successfully provisioned RHAS 3.0 using provisioning manager but have identified a problem during our post install processing. A post install batch job is kicked off which performs various server configuration changes, one of these adds some entries into rc.local and then reboots the server. On reboot the rc.local wasn't executing, I noticed that the format of this file had been changed to DOS. I resolved this issue by adding a 'dos2unix' command in my BLpackage.

      My question is does anyone know why the format of this file changes (I believe its modified by the provisioning process to run the post-install script) and if this is functioning correctly or is actually a problem.

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          This is strange.


          You can see the commands which mv rc.local to a tmp name and mv it back again later in the kickstart file.


          These commands have a unix style, so one would assume that they are executed within a unix style shell, but the presence of ^M's in rc.local suggests they are executed in DOS.

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            The rc.local file is backed up and the new rc.local file is being created by the %post section of the kickstart file (so not in DOS). The kickstart file itself is created in a temporary directory on the app server then copied to the data store server (pxestore) via nsh. Maybe the ^M's are getting in the kickstart file's %post section and then being added to the rc file that way. The kickstart file is left around in the pxestore directory named after the hex representation of the IP address of the bare metal server (example: C0A80164). Does this file contain ^M's?