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    Provisioning of redhat as 3.0 problem


      I have a customer who is having problems getting their redhat as 3.0 servers to provision. His description of the problem he is experiencing is below. They have been using provisioning manager 6.2 for Windows for some time. They are trying to use it for redhat. All ideas appreciated.


      Customer's comments:

      I am trying to set up provisioning for Red Hat Linux 3. I have already configured HTTP on the PXE server, and have copied the source files to the PXEstore directory. The TFTP directory is also configured. When the client gets to the OS install stage, it asks for keyboard type and installation type (CD-rom, HTTP, etc.). I select, HTTP and it asks for a driver for the NIC. It's an Intel. It should have it. I need to figure out if this is the problem or perhaps something else.

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          For this stage, the application server copies a kickstart file to the .../pxestore directory. The machine with the pxestore needs the 'bladmin' user in the users.local file. This may still not work because of a bug in 6.2 with interaction between the bmi client and the application server, a bug resolved in 6.3. As such, if bladmin does not work, you may have to open the access to that box completely for the time being (via the exports file, that is).

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            If the installation kicks out to manual mode and you choose http manually and it asks for a driver module then it is really missing that driver module. Are you sure that you are using the initrd-everything from the RedHat cd? What size is your initrd-3.img file? If the module is really missing then you will need to add it. Attached is instructions on how to add modules to the initrd image.