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    RHAS30 libstdc++ error

      I'm trying to provision RHAS 3.0 on a VMWare instance running on a Win2k3 server OS. (Yes, this is my PS demo drive). The install, in Anaconda, gets to 43% and is looking for the GNU Standard C++ Library, "libstdc++-3.2.3-42". I have downloaded this file, copied it from CDs, and copied it from a working list of RPMs actively provisioning servers. Same filename. Same size. Every time.


      Regardless, I get the following error:

      The package libstdc++-3.2.3-42 cannot be opened. This is due to a missing file or perhaps a corrupt package. If you are installing from CD media this usually means the CD media is corrupt, or the CD drive is unable to read the media. Press to try again.


      Then there's an OK button, nothing else. Doesn't even let me quit.


      Any ideas?