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    Provisioning on Dell PE 2550

      Does any one have any experience provisioning W2k3 on a Dell PowerEdge 2550? I've followed the instructions in the manual, and compared to the post on PM'ing a PE2850, but still have the same issue - I get to the OS install phase 12, and the Blue text mode screen comes up, but immediately exits, reboots and when attempting a local boot, gives message that "this is not a bootable disk".


      The text mode install is clearly not working, but I've double checked the controller and drivers, and am not sure what to do now....


      PERC 3/Di Controller drivers:



      Broadcom NE 5701 network drivers:


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          Is there any error message displayed at all when the blue textmode screen appears? Maybe if you put a pause at the end of the format section of the system package and run the commands from q:\bin\installw.bat file manually, you may be able to get the error message from the windows installer.

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            That's the message I was getting the other week when James ascertained (over the phone) that I must have another DHCP server running and I insisted I didn't.


            After getting the client to check again it turned out there was... o


            DHCP is funny sometimes. This particular DHCP server never responded to the initial requests (IP address, PXE & TFTP), but it always responded to the request for the AS IP address! O_o

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              I did try running the installw.bat commands manually, but had the same problem. I don't think there is an error message, but the screen is only displayed momentarily before it reboots, so I can't be sure. maybe if I get a high speed movie camera.... ;)