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    Archiving blquery results



      I have a customer request for a report that details the number of systems by OS including patch level and RSCD agent version over time. They're looking for a pretty line graph that says, "In June, we had 100 servers (with the following details), then in July we had 104 servers (with the following details)...etc."


      I know this information can be pulled using blquery. My question then is, what is the best mechanism to store the results of a series of blqueries to be reported on in the future?


      I've tried creating a Component Template that uses an External Component. The External Component contains a blquery that pulls the information I need and works as advertised when run on a single machine. I then use the Component Template as a basis for both an Audit and Compliance test job. The jobs work correctly, but...and here's the problem...they only report that the machines HAVE the External Component. They don't report the information I need, they simply agree that the External Component is there and thus show 100% compliance.


      With this result, it's become clear that I've gone down the wrong path. What is the best way to do this in BL? Any input is greatly apprecaited.

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          I'm not sure that you can capture inventory trends over time. I think that what you would need to do is create a report of the data that you want (such as server count) and export it on a regular basis, like once a week. Then you could create reports of server count totals or whatever over time in Excel.


          I believe inventory trends are possible with BSARA, the new Cognos reporting tool that is coming out in the next month for customers on at least version 7.4.3. (But make sure you know for sure before you tell the customer.)