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    blcli_execute command causes java.lang.ClassCastException

      I'm running an NSH script to create two snapshot jobs, execute the snapshot jobs, create an audit job based on those two snapshots and then execute that audit job.


      The script works flawlessly until I get to the point that I'm creating the audit job. Here is my call copied out of my script.


      AUDIT_JOB_ID=`blcli_execute AuditJob createSnapshotToSnapshotAuditJob "$AUDIT_JOB_NAME" "$AUDIT_JOB_GROUP_ID" "$JOB_KEY1" "$JOB_KEY2"`


      I echo my command right before I call it, and this is how it looks:


      blcli_execute AuditJob createSnapshotToSnapshotAuditJob passwdAudit 2000003 DBKey:SJobKey:107-1 DBKey:SJobKey:108-1


      Using cleverly placed echo commands, I've narrowed it down to this command kicking off the following error.


      Command execution failed. java.lang.ClassCastException: com.bladelogic.model.base.keys.SJobKey


      The rest of my script also fails after this exception, as is expected. I'm pretty sure my command is correct and the values being passed are those specified by the documentation. I've tailed my application and job server logs during execution of the script and could find nothing to point at what's going on.


      To further troubleshoot, I increased my JVM heap size to 1024 in the registry as per the forum posting I found. The script demonstrates the same behavior after the JVM change.


      Does anyone know what might be going on here? Please let me know if there is any additional information that I can supply to help narrow down my culprit. As always, all help is greatly appreciated.