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    Configuration manager console: Debug



      I'm trying to find out wy one of my custom commands doesn't work on one of my machines. So one of my clients (desktop with the configuration manager console installed) does not start the custom command when I request it. Other custom commands seem to work fine.


      I've already changed the ui.cf in my APPPATH folder.

      #log4j.rootLogger=INFO, C

      log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, R, C





      But the logging is still verry limited. What do I need to change to find out why the custom command doesn't work. It works fine on other machines.


      best regards

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          Ok, this was a stupid question. When starting the executable in a console window the problem was spotted.



          Unable to create temporary script

          Unable to create temporary script


          second question:

          - where does the console try to write the temporary script? (its an nsh script executed local //blapserver/scriptdir/test.nsh)