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    Agent Connection Timeout

      The Agent Connection Timeout property on a deploy job specifies how long the console can "lose contact" with a remote agent before giving up and marking the job as failed for that particular server. Obviously, this is to allow for a reboot or another brief disruption of the communication lines between console and server.


      Now, I have a BLpackage that contains a command that can take a long time to execute. While this command is executing, does the agent still "check in" with the console from time to time? ("I'm still working." "I'm still working." etc...) Or is it only before and after each piece of the package?


      Put another way, if I have the Agent Connection Timeout set to 30 minutes, and this single command in the package runs for (say) 45 minutes, will the console mark the job as failed because it hasn't heard back from the agent since it started executing that command?

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          Bill Robinson

          In your case is the agent still online? If it is, I think you want to modify the 'JOB_TIMEOUT' or 'JOB_PART_TIMEOUT' setting on the job, since it's not the agent connection that's timing out, it's timing out on waiting for whatever you're running to return.

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            So as long as the agent is online, it will still "chatter" with the console enough to keep the Agent Connection Timeout from triggering?


            I will also take a look at the JOB_PART_TIMEOUT, hadn't considered that angle. Thanks.


            EDIT: Setting JOB_PART_TIMEOUT to 0 would effectively disable it, is that correct? (Can't find that explicitly stated in the manual, though that's how JOB_TIMEOUT works so I would assume it is the same.)


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              Bill Robinson

              Well, ideally yes - the agent will still be 'chattering' unless for some reason whatever you are deploying prevents that :)


              JOB_PART_TIMEOUT=0 should set it to unlimited afaik, though there's another timeout setting in blasadmin for this kind of thing (so jobs don't stay forever) but I can't remember off the top of my head.