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    Updating a grammar file



      I've created a grammar file to parse some config. But now i've noticed there is a bug in the gm file. How can I update the grammar file?


      I've tried serveral things:

      - update the file in the scripts dir:

      => after restart of the appserver my file is gone

      => when I live browse a CI that uses the grammar the old file reappears in the scripts dir


      - execute the create command again:

      => blcli -v defaultProfile ConfigFileGrammar createConfigFileGrammar "/C/BMC_development" "pvf.gm" "PvfGrammar" "Pvf Grammar Format" "This grammar will parse as ci"

      Command execution failed. pvf.gm already exists

      => the file reappears in scripts but dissappears after restart of the appsserver


      any other ideas?


      We're using 7.6



      [] Starting Grammar Service...

      [] Upgrading custom grammars...

      [] Found custom grammar pvf.gm with location

      [] Deleted cached grammar file: C:\Program Files\BMC BladeLogic\OM\scripts\pvf.gm

      [] Custom grammars upgraded.

      [] Grammar Service started.





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