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    blasadmin documentation available?

    R V

      Hi all,


      is there any in-depth-documentation for the blasadmin-command available. Especially I'm interested in the meaning of



      blasadmin> show AuthServer IsSSOCredRefreshEnabled

      which could be true or false. But what happens, if I change this from true (the current value) to false?


      Any idea?

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          Henning Kupffer

          BSARA UserGuide p.118:


          +Unlike other BMC BladeLogic applications, BMC Service Automation Reporting and

          Analytics must be able to refresh a user’s single sign-on credentials so the user can run recurring reporting jobs even after the user’s current session ends. To enable refreshing of credentials, you must perform the following procedure.


          1 On the reports server, start the Application Server Administration console (that is, the blasadmin utility).


          2 Specify that SSO credentials issued by the Authentication Service can be refreshed by entering the following:


          set AuthServer isSSOCredRefreshEnabled true


          By default the installation program for BMC Service Automation Reporting and

          Analytics sets this value to true.+

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            R V

            Thank you, Henning - BSARA-docs will be my first choice for searching after blasadmin-settings in the future... ;)

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              Bill Robinson

              Many of these settings are details in the 'BladeLogicAdministration.pdf' document.