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    Licensing a renamed server in BL

    S Crawford

      We have a few servers that are going to be renamed and need to be decommissioned and re-enrolled into BladeLogic with their new names. Do these servers need their licenses removed from the BL licensing site manually?


      Would this be the correct procedure?

      Decommission server in BL

      Remove license from site

      Re-enroll server with new name into BL

      Run autolic to license server with new name


      And is there a way to automatically remove a server from BL licensing without going onto the site? Maybe an NSH decommission job?

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          Bill Robinson

          I think if the hostid stays the same than you won't need to unlicense the server from the licensing site.


          But just to be safe, following your procedure is what you need to do.


          We don't have any 'autounlic' yet, though it's been asked for a lot. I think some folks have tried to script it but I haven't seen a good result yet.

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            S Crawford

            Oh ok... I noticed somewhere else on the forum there was a feature request that was entered back in 2005. The ticket number mentioned was 7252 but there was no recent update about it.


            How would the hostid stay the same?

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              Bill Robinson

              On windows the hostid is based on the first hard disk's serial number, on unix it should be based on the 'hostid' command result (I can't find the KB article that shows this)


              So it's possible to rebuild the box and end up w/ the same hostid.

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                S Crawford

                Thanks Bill... I will follow the procedure I mentioned above because I know in the past we have had duplicate license entries on the BL license site (not sure how).

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                  S Crawford

                  Looking into this further, the hostid on the Unix side has been the IP address in hexadecimal (at least on RHEL 3, AIX 5.3).


                  On Red Hat:

                  IP: AA.BB.CC.DD

                  HostID: 0x[BB][AA][DD][CC]


                  On AIX:

                  IP: AA.BB.CC.DD

                  HostID: 0x[AA][BB][CC][DD]


                  In my case, since only the server name is changing, and NOT the IP address, would licensing the new server name create a duplicate entry on the BL site (if we didn't remove the original one first)? Or would it leave the original one there with the old server name?

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                    Bill Robinson

                    So I'm not sure here. In the list of your licenses I do see duplicate entries where one is active, one inactive. Same hostid and servername.


                    But for other customers I know I've had a job that runs the licensing script across all their servers (licensed or not) and we didn't have any duplicates.


                    It's possible the way the licensing site handles entries has changed from when I had the 'relicense everything' setup.


                    So I'd stick w/ your process of unlicense, rebuild, license - I think that's the safest bet, unless you want to run some tests and do a rebuild, license and then see if you've got dupes.