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    RBAC role and server segregation

    Abid Khemiss



      if we want to segragate only the servers, do I have to use another role. In other words, if have developer role which have access to Weblogic servers only. If I want to create the same type of role but for the Exchange server. I would have two create two roles:




      Obviously, it will increase the number of role dramaticaly... Is there another secure way of doing it?





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          Bill Robinson

          If you want a only a specific group of users to have access to a set of objects (servers, jobs, etc) you must use a role. All permissions are assigned by the role and you cannot subdivide permissions by user.


          Roles can still 'share' the same objects however, so if you setup the permissions correctly, the same 2 roles can have the same level of access to Jobs, Depot Objects, etc but not Server objects.