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    session expired

      i usually keep the CM console open from one day to another

      after a couple of day i always get this message


      com.bladelogic.session.client.SessionCredential.ExpiredException: Your session credential has expired, please login again


      it comes out while working, causing me to abort whatever i'm doing, closing and reopening the console


      how can i set the expiration timeout to a larger value?

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          Bill Robinson

          There's a blasadmin setting for this -


          AuthServer MaximumSessionCredentialLifetime


          i think is what you want

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            Siddu angadi

            Hi Bill,


            I have requirement that, Session should expire for every 20 mins, if Console is idle. Do we have any command for this?





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              Hi Siddu, The command that Bill gave is for authentication, but if you want the sesion should expire if console is idle, you should use the following:


              To specify a maximum idle time, enter the following:

              set appserver IdleConnectionPruneTime #


              where # is a value in minutes. When there is no traffic over the connection between a client and the Application Server for this period of time, the connection is considered expired. When a new incoming connection is made, idle connections with non-zero IdleConnectionPruneTime values are checked, and the connections that have expired are prune

              The MaximiumSessionCredentialLifetime  will force an expire if there is an activity.


              You need to restart the application server to get this change in effect.



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                Jim Wilson

                Hi Prabhat,


                IdleConnectionPruneTime configures the AppServer connection to the database for this Console session, and has no effect on Console session timeout itself.


                There is no console session timeout feature.


                The authentication will expire after MaximumSessionCredentialLifetime (12 hours by default IIRC).

                The IdleConnectionPruneTime will enable database connections to be returned to the pool if the console has been idle for the specified period.


                The Console is passive unless there is any specific activity taking place.  The most common is Tasks In Progress, which polls the database and refreshes the pane display every 5 seconds by default.


                As Bill has pointed out on previous occasions this type of question has been raised, the console behaves the same way as, for example, Outlook, and any control over active duration is outside the scope of the product.




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                  Bill Robinson

                  Agreed.  If you set the session lifetime to 20 min, your session will be only 20 min no matter if you are actively using it or not.

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                    Thanks for the explanation Jim, I got it now.